The Very Best Cafes in Tel Aviv

For a first-time visitor to Tel Aviv, the sheer number of cafes can be a bit confusing. Where are the best ones? Or where are the cafes that suit your style? Below are my own recommendations. It’s a very incomplete list, and you might discover a hidden gem that I haven’t experienced yet, but I promise you won’t go wrong with any of these places.

Café Noach – a book-lined café in the heart of Tel Aviv that’s popular with writers. 93 Ahad Ha’am (corner of HaHashmonaim). Closed Friday night / Saturday.

18 Balfour Street – tucked away on a quiet corner, this beautiful little café looks like something out of Paris during the belle époque. The croissants are better than Paris, though. Closed Saturday.

Café Ben Ami – Full of models and media types,during the day, this café serves some of the best pastries in the city. 22 Nachmani Street. Closed Friday night / Saturday.

Café Tachtit – Open 24 hours, this cozy little café attracts a bohemian / artsy crowd that includes some well known media types. 9 Lincoln Street.

LovEat – I don’t usually recommend cafes that require customers to order at the cash register, but the coffee at LovEat – their own blend – is so fantastic that I have to mention it. The wooden deck out back is also a lovely place to sit. The coffee can be purchased by weight to take away – ground or in whole beans. 37 Nachalat Binyamin, near the Carmel Market.

Horace Café – Just a few steps away from Jaffa’s legendary flea market, this stunningly beautiful café-cum-art gallery serves upscale café food and excellent homemade French pastries. 34 Olei Zion Street, Jaffa.

Puah Café – Located right in the middle of the flea market, this charming café is decorated in an appropriately eclectic style to reflect the surrounding atmosphere. The food is truly special, with a combination of Levantine and European influences. 3 Rabbi Yohanan Street, Jaffa.

Suzanna – In the heart of Neve Tzedek, opposite the Suzanne Dellal Center for Modern Dance, Suzanna specializes in Mediterranean and North African cuisine. 9 Shabazi Street.

Bialik Café – A charming place that attracts a lot of musicians and writers, Bialik is located on a noisy corner of Allenby, but Bialik Street itself is a lovely cul de sac, worth exploring for its museums and boutiques. The food is mediocre, but the coffee and drinks are excellent. 2 Bialik Street.

Café Michal – Michal’s Levantine/North African food is memorably delicious; it tastes as though it was prepared especially for you by a loving mother or aunt. The décor is upscale flea market, and the regulars include some famous authors and poets. 230 Dizengoff Street (corner of Jabotinsky).

Café Mersand – The ultimate hipster hangout, Mersand was until recently a dusty old café owned by cranky, aged German refugees who served bad coffee with a sneer. Then it was purchased by some local guys that employed tattooed and pierced waitresses who are a tad friendlier. The service hasn’t improved much in terms of efficiency, but the food and coffee are excellent – although the breakfast is a bit odd: eggs are hard or soft boiled only, with no fried or scrambled available. 70 Ben Yehuda Street (corner of Frishmann).

Shine – Sleek and modern, Shine is a trendy hangout with an interesting menu that includes a sweet-and-sour tofu salad. Nice touches include water glasses filled with chunks of orange and lemon. At night, Shine turns into a happening bar scene. 38 Shlomo Hamelech.

In addition to all the independent cafes, there are several homegrown chains that are so successful that Starbucks went broke one year after trying to enter the Israeli market. There was just too much competition from local cafes that offered a better product for a lower price.

Arcaffe – Upscale and expensive. Counter service for the first order, but second orders will be taken by the waiter.

Café Café – Friendly table service and good – though not great – coffee. The menu is standard Tel Aviv café food – nothing special, but not bad.

Hillel – originally a Jerusalem chain, Hillel is kosher. It offers counter service only. The quality is similar to Café Café.

Aroma – With its signature red-black-and-white motif and sleek design, Aroma cultivates a young clientele that tends to go for the sweet, Starbucks-style frozen coffee drinks. All beverages are served with a cube of chocolate. Try the house coffee with whipped cream and melted chocolate.

Ilan’s – There are only a few branches around Tel Aviv, but Ilan’s is known for its superior product and knowledgeable staff. The cafes also sell a range of coffee makers and beans.

Espresso Bar – A pioneer in the local café business, Espresso Bar goes back to the mid-1990’s – ancient history for Tel Aviv, the ultimate modern city. Its staying power is testament to its quality. Unlike most of the local café chains, Espresso Bar offers table service at all its branches.

Did I miss a gem?…

What a Perfect Cafe Should Be

A Cafe wont be a Cafe if it is without coffee. That’s probably the most practical way of describing a coffee shop or Cafe. The major deciding factor in determining the best cafe is by the excellent taste of its coffees. Various types of coffees and brews are available in the market and it is quite inviting to try each of them. However, this is not the only factor in determining what makes a perfect cafe.

The musical background of a Cafe is what mostly attracts patrons, aside from the establishment’s wide array of coffee brews and mixes. The music also accounts for a good coffee experience and usually, the best form of music to play while sipping a good cup of caffeine is a soft jazz or soul melody.

Every cafe provides chairs and tables for their customers to place their belongings and most of all, sit with their fresh cup of coffee to relax while they sip every addicting drop of the brew. The cafe should have plenty of chairs on which their customers will be seated. A couch is often a good idea to provide a more comfortable and homely feel inside the cafe. Tables needs to be stable and not rocky to avoid probable spills of liquids.

Cafes are also of different types and one of which is an internet cafe. It is a mandatory for such kind of coffee establishment is the high speed internet connection. If it I not an internet cafe, it is a plus if the store has free WiFi services as it attracts customers too.

Every establishment has a theme, but whatever it is, what’s essential is that the chairs, table and couches are arranged in an accommodating layout in addition to a set of decorations that match the atmosphere of the cafe. The cell phone signal is also a regarding consideration for people to come in a cafe.

The temperature inside the cafe must complement the ambient temperature or the temperature outside the store. Warm inside if the weather is cold outside and vice versa.

Most people say that the best coffee partner are donuts, but there may also be other foods to accompany this well-loved brew. So a cafe is one that is best if it also a diverse menu of pastries sandwiches and other possible food stuffs that may perfectly blend with every sip of coffee. They must also come at a reasonable price. Other drinks may as well be served like water and sodas.

Coffee is not only a morning staple but it is something that some people prefer to drink anytime of the day. So a cafe’s hours of operation plays an important role in making it ‘patronizeable’ by clients. Of course it is always important for the customers to be greeted with a smile at whatever time the shop is open by its staff and employees. A cafe whose staff are friendly, sociable and accommodating is said to be well loved by many patrons.

The cafe may also include a line of novelty product and paraphernalia that may stimulate additional interests from customers. It could be a limited design of coffee mugs, tall glasses or keepsakes bearing the name and the logo of the coffee shop.

How Cafe Interiors Can Directly or Indirectly Affect Its Sales

All cafe owners have realized the impact of their interior design on their business. Cafes that did not pay attention to this before are now refurbishing to attract more customers. This is because a good restaurant involves more than just the food that is served in it. The clients should feel welcome, and they should be comfortable. They should be able to spend as much time as they want in the restaurant without feeling the need to leave sooner. The interiors can say a lot about the image of the eatery, as well as the quality of service that customers can expect to receive.

The direct impact of cafe interior on the sales

Customers should feel welcome and comfortable as soon as they enter into an eatery. There is always something that is very pleasant about an eatery that looks and feels good. It encourages the clients to stay on for longer and to come back again in future. If the dining experience is comfortable and soothing, the customers will be loyal to the diner.

The commercial restaurant chairs are some of the most important aspects of the interior of the diner. They should be comfortable to seat on. The customer should be able to sit on them for as long as they want. This means that the chairs should not force them to leave before they are ready.

Even the cafe coffee tables and the colours in the diner can affect the dining experience. There are colours such as blue that are known to reduce appetite. This is not good for the business. It is always better to use colours that are warm and inviting such as brown. These colours are soothing and they will encourage the client to stay in the diner for longer.

The indirect impact of cafe interiors on sales

Everything in the interior of a restaurant, from the colour on the walls, to the furniture, lighting, paintings and carpets are a representation of the diner. They help to enhance the theme, the style and the image of the eatery. They have a very important visual impact on the customer. In fact, the interiors help to create the brand identity. This visual impact is the first impression that customers will get when they visit the cafe for the first time. The interior design of the restaurant could subconsciously cause a client to prefer one restaurant and not the other. This is because the interior could affect the mood of the client as well as the types of food that they purchase.

Researchers have also come up with studies that suggest that the interior design environment will impact the perception that customers have on the type of service that they will receive. If everything is high-end in the restaurant, people will expect quality food and service. However, if the restaurateur did not pay any attention to the furnishings or the lighting, then people will also expect poor service. They may not even give the eatery a chance to prove them wrong. Some of them will be discouraged to dine there. They will therefore choose a dining establishment that they believe will give them quality food and service.

The interior of a cafe has a direct impact on the ambiance and the physical comfort of the place. Furthermore, it has an indirect impact on sales as it could impact the perception of quality as well as the image of the dining establishment. The owner should not ignore the interior of their cafe as it could drastically affect the sales in their business.

Jumpstart Your Cafe Business With These Six Steps

Your cafe should be inviting even without those welcoming aesthetics. Develop unique cafe designs and make the most out of your cafe business. Read this article for more information.

Opening a cafe business requires in-depth planning and organisation. The interior and exterior aesthetics should reflect your overall personality. Your customers should feel comfortable sitting in your bistro and experience a sense of uniqueness from it. In short, the way you design your cafe depends on your overall characteristics and customer’s preference. Read on for more information regarding design and ideas for cafes.


Determine what can make you stand out in the market. Identify your brand experience and make sure it fits your customer’s preferences. Visit other cafes to develop ideas. Observe their customer preferences, ambiance, service, location, and menu. Consider your potential customer’s point of view. Research on current industry trends as this can supplement your concepts in design and style.

Identify your Customer’s Preferences

Show you care for your customers through your brand and menu. As a result, you can identify your target market in terms of age, income ranges, interests, and level of expectation. This can help you determine the level of service your customers want to expect from your cafe.

Brand Creation

Create your identity, spread your message, and speak out the voice of your business. View other cafe logos to get ideas. Check each logo and understand what they are trying to convey. Choose whether your cafe should be a contemporary or classic bistro. Fonts, colours, and tag lines can all tell the story about your business. These are often the first thing people see, so make it a way to create a remarkable identity. Develop good concepts regarding your cafe design along with your menu list to attract customers.

Understand the Basics

Create a space layout, design, and equipment to establish a budget. Follow your budget, schedule, and square footage demands when choosing a location. An interesting front of cafe layout with comfortable seats, trash bins, and flow of services are important to a successful plan. Implementing automated POS systems, merchandise display, and smooth service are also important to making your business efficient.


Think like a customer. What do you want from your customers to feel when they visit your cafe? Create unique and remarkable business expressions. Design the exterior part as this is the first expression of your identity. Make it count, as your success depends on your overall ambiance. Look at successful brands and understand how their setting is created.

Business Plans

Express your concepts. Create quality business plans, as this is the key to your business’ success. Having a well-researched plan shows others that you are serious in your undertaking. Maximize the use of social media sites, blogs, and discount offers for an effective marketing plan.

Opening a cafe is exciting and fun. The way you implement those specifics, however, can determine your business success. Develop appealing and remarkable cafe design to make a lasting impression. Following these tips may help you come up with sound decisions and result to lasting success.