Cafe World Guide – Strategies For Earning Cafe Currency Fast

If you are an addicted player to Cafe World, Facebook’s newest and most popular game, you pretty well know Cafe Currency comes in two forms. Cafe Coins is the frequent earner from serving recipes and Cafe Cash which is a bit harder and more expensive to come by. Are you earning Cafe Currency the most efficient way you can? If not, I have some tips and advice that might help you dominate that part of the game, soaring you past your neighbors and friends in no time.

When I first started playing the game, it was a bit confusing trying to differentiate between the two forms of Cafe Currency. But now I am no longer confused about it and actually have learned the secret strategies to efficiently earning currency so fast my experience level shot up the charts in no time. Are you interested in a few hints to help you out in that part of the game?


Cafe coins are the more frequent currency you can earn on a daily basis. It’s the everyday currency you can earn as you service recipes, even when you are not logged into the game. As a customer is served their meal, Cafe Coins is what they use to pay for their food. You can also use Cafe Coins to decorate your cafe or even buy supplies and other items such as stoves, tables, etc. The bottom line is, Cafe Coins are the main source of funds you need to progress in the game but the drawback is you needs lots of it, and fast!

The really good thing about the game is Cafe Coins are very easy to earn. As you start the game off, there will be more things you think you want to buy than you have coins to pay for them. So the right strategy is to be conservative and start saving right off from the beginning. Don’t waste your coins on meaningless items such as clothes and cafe decorations. Instead use them to buy what you need to get customers seated and fed such as stoves and tables. These are the types of things that will have you earning Cafe Coins super fast. After awhile you should be making more coin money than you know what to do with. And that’s a good thing.


Now, Cafe Cash is a whole other ball of wax. It is extremely difficult to get but the great thing is you don’t really need much or any of it early in the game. But you will need a lot of it later on in the game and here is why?

Saving your Cafe Cash at the beginning is extremely crucial because as the game progresses, there will be things that you really want that can only be bought with Cafe Cash. So restraint at the beginning of the game is crucial of which will benefit you later on in the game. Just be patient.

Now, each time you move up a level in the game, you will get earn 1 Cafe Cash. Other than that, you can buy Cafe Cash with your own real money. And there are many players that add to their supply of Cafe Cash by clicking the Get Game Cafe Coins and Cafe Cash up at the top of the screen and spending their own money to buy it. But I think that is a little bit insane unless you have a lot of spare money laying around.

Now there is a better way to earn Cafe Cash for free instead of you having to spend your own hard earned money. At the bottom of the screen, there are some surveys you can fill out. This is really a big pain to do but it is free. Any Cafe Coins and Cafe Cash you earn from the surveys is usually put into your currency bank within a day or so.

If you use the right strategies and can be patient at the beginning of the game, you can earn Cafe Coins and Cash in no time. These are just a few tips and strategies for dominating Cafe World.

How Any Beginner at Cafe World Can Make Leveling Up Their Cafe Much Easier and Make More Coins

Are you hooked on Cafe World? It is easy to understand why someone might find themselves playing the game daily. Cafe World is a great game but if you aren’t online much it can be extremely difficult to level up your cafe. Are you looking for ways to make the most of the time you have available to speed up how long it takes to level up your cafe? Power leveling in the game requires that you understand your schedule and know how to use this to your advantage. There are certain types of menu items that should only be cooked depending on how much time you have available to play the game. Knowing this will make leveling your cafe much, much easier to do.

How often can you log into your cafe? Is it just once a day or more? Different items require different lengths of time to cook. If you aren’t able to play often due to job or other real life requirements, then you should not be cooking bacon or cheeseburgers. These two can be ready in as little as five minutes, but if you aren’t online to serve them they will just spoil. Just what should a part-time player cook then? If you are only able to log on once a day or so, then you should be cooking stews or pot roast. These two take a full 24 hours to cook and will give you ample time to cook and serve them before they spoil.

Another great way to get more coins for people who can’t play much is to help out your friends. Check out the list of cafes in your area and help them out. There is a limit of 20 visits per day, but each visit will generate 20 coins. That’s an easy 400 coins you can quickly generate in no time. What you do with this money is up to you, but more coins are definitely handy in running a good cafe.

Another good tip to speed up your leveling is to make sure you have a good cafe layout. What makes a good layout? You should design your cafe so that servers can easily navigate their way around your cafe and deliver their food quickly. Doing this has a twofold effect. Your servers are happy and can work quickly and efficiently. Your customers also have a great cafe experience. They experience lower wait times for their meals to be delivered and will be impressed with your service.

Best Cafe World Help – How the Layout of Your Cafe Helps Grow Your Business (You’ll Thank Me!)

One of the reasons you probably got into Cafe World was the ability to customize your cafe with all sorts of cool accessories. So many things are in your control – the doors, tables, chairs, windows. Basically, you’re in charge of making your dream cafe. But following your interests is not always the best strategy, especially in Cafe World.

Why is that? The truth is – looks aren’t everything in the restaurant world. You have to consider the layout of the cafe. A poorly designed cafe can mean long wait times for your customers. Don’t forget that your customers aren’t the only ones moving around your cafe. You’ll have waiters who need to have easy access to the tables and can provide great service.

If you take the time to work on the arrangement of your cafe, you’ll find that your wait times go down, your waiters will work much quicker, and thus you’ll be able to easily increase the cash flow of your business.

Also, you need to think about usable space. If you do a poor job of arranging the chairs and tables, your customers won’t be able to sit down. Less people in your seats will easily cut down on your profits and your ability to level up in the game.

Remember, you don’t want to get sidetracked by all the cooking you’re doing and forget the front of the house service. This is what ultimately affects the customer experience of your restaurant and it’s worth your time to pay attention to it.

Bonus Tip: Try making a long walking time for your customers once they enter the restaurant. You won’t have to worry about them getting upset about this. Doing this means giving your waiters much more time to do their job. Succeed at this and you’ll bring in more money to your cafe to help you level up even quicker.

Cafe World Cafe Points – How to Score More

Although the game of running a cafe is great fun and lets one use his or her creative energies towards realizing their dream or at least try it out, at the end of the day it is still a game and scoring points is a priority. Some have lot of time to strategize and pick points while others who play in small periods should learn some important methods to make the best of their time and get as many points as possible. Cafe World cafe points don’t come very easy if one doesn’t strategize well. But at the same times it is not very hard either.

One of the easiest ways to rake up many points is by cooking bacon cheese burgers. It is true that they have to be served as fast as they are cooked but the return of points for every five minutes spent is great. Leveling up could be achieved by making dishes that take a lot of time, and valuable experience points could be gained, but lot of time is spent in between the dishes. One could use this as a strategy if they cannot focus on the game for long and have work to concentrate on, on and off in the game. So timing the dishes could help one make lot of points without dedicating too much time to the game itself.

Although experience points are there to be gained, one must think of cooking dishes that suit their schedule. Then whether the dish takes long or short, which dish to prepare, could be nicely combined with intervals to make lot of points. Cafe world Cafe points are hence derivative of the dishes, the time taken and the pace at which one could serve them. Serving many dishes and giving beverages to customers could earn valuable coins which is important too. The points are very important to advance further in the game. There are as many as 75 levels some needing more than a lac points to be accumulated before one can move on.

Cafe world Cafe points fuel the ambition of Cafe owners. More points mean more employees, having more stoves which again results in enhanced ability to serve the customers. So it is an exponential way of gaining points. More points also mean more gifts and offers. Points could be earned by preparing the dishes and cleaning up after the dish has been served, cleaning the stove or even helping the neighbors by tasting their dishes and providing opinion.

The points come along more easily as one advances in the game and has more resources in their service. One cannot lose the points so the game could only proceed in one direction. Gaining points improves the potential to unlock and experiment with dishes thus improving the score further. Expansion is after all the primary aim of a Cafe owner. The more Cafe related activities that are accomplished, the more are the Cafe world Cafe points one makes and moves on to the next levels.