The Best Cafes in Toronto

The city of Toronto is rich with unrivaled culture and history. The largest among all of the cities in Canada, Toronto is situated in the Southern area of Ontario, the province of which it is the capital. With a history that dates back to the 18th century, Toronto is now a modern location with a population of over 2.5 million. An exciting city with a busy nightlife, as well as many great bars, restaurants, shopping opportunities and attractions, Toronto is a popular destination for tourists. The following are the best cafes in Toronto if you’re looking to grab a coffee, or tea and dessert.

Cafe Pamenar

Augusta Avenue’s Cafe Pamenar, which was voted the best Toronto cafe in 2011, is open from 8am to 7pm Monday through Saturday, and from 9am to 6pm on Sundays. This cafe, which is in the Kensington Market district, is unique in that it offers not one but two great patio areas, one in the back and one in the front. Visitors love these patios during spring and summer as they provide the perfect opportunity to enjoy hot or iced drinks in Toronto’s nice climate. This cafe was in the planning stages for over 5 years and, as a result, boasts a hip, modern design with wood tables and tall stools. Cafe Pamenar offers a wide variety of coffee and hot beverages, as well as pastries, sandwiches and soups.

Seven Grams

Toronto’s Seven Grams is an espresso bar located on Avenue Road. A popular cafe in Yorkville, Seven Grams is decorated with black, orange and wooden décor, including cozy chairs with orange upholstery. Open 7 days a week, you can visit Seven Grams between 7am and 7pm Monday through Friday, and from 8am to 6pm on Saturdays and 9am to 6pm on Sundays. Perfect for the coffee aficionado, this cafe offers many different types of coffee and espresso, including cold drip coffee, pour over coffee, which is a distinct method in which hot water is slowly poured over coffee grounds, and trifeca coffee.

Fahrenheit Coffee

Fahrenheit Coffee is another celebrated Toronto cafe. Previously located on the Esplanade, the current location is at the intersection of Jarvis and Lombard Streets. This cafe opts to provide little seating and instead relies on tasting bars, which stands out from competitors. It serves a wide variety of coffee, such as lattes, espresso, Americanos and drip coffee, and offers fresh pastries that are baked on-site by the resident pastry chef. Modern and sleek in design, Fahrenheit Coffee’s interior is wood-based with black and red accents.

The Bandit

The Bandit Coffee Group is located on Gerrard Street East in Toronto, in the Upper Beaches area of the city. Open from 7am to 9pm Monday through Friday, and from 830am to 9pm on the weekend, The Bandit specializes in coffee and also offers catering. A cash-only venue, this cafe offers coffee and espresso-based drinks, pastries and sandwiches, as well as free wireless internet access. The Bandit is unique in the Toronto coffee scene as it also offers drop-off dry cleaning services in partnership with the company TSC Wet Clean.

If you’re interested in coffee itself, or the coffee scene and culture, these are the best cafes in Toronto to visit. With chic, modern décor, great ambiance and, best of all, great coffee, espresso and snacks, Cafe Pamenar, Seven Grams, Fahrenheit Coffee and The Bandit are all also unique in their own respects. Whether you’re looking to enjoy your coffee on a patio in the summer or explore new methods of brewing, Toronto has the cafe for you.

5 Great Cafes in Downtown Calgary

My mother tells me that I’m chemically dependent on Caffeine. This is not true, I am dependent upon COFFEE and coffee alone.

I’ve tried alternatives to Coffee (Red Bull, Tea, Apples, etc) and I always end up going back to coffee. The tricky thing, though, is that after a while just regular, plain old coffee doesn’t cut it anymore. I’ve gotten bored with the big chain coffee stores, and I’ve been craving something a little different. So, lately I’ve been seeking out the best Cafes near my hotel, Nuvo Hotel Suites, in an attempt to isolate the best and brightest. I’ve come up with this list, and they’re all pretty good, but some of them do certain things better than others. If anyone out there has some suggestions of places for me to check out next, I’m all ears.

Bumpy’s Cafe 040 – 8th Street SW

Bumpy’s has a friendly, retro feel to it. The interior is plastered in old posters and signs from the 50’s, some of which are available for purchase as fridge magnets. They’ve won a lot of local awards, including best espresso and cleanest cafe. They DO make great espresso, but their regular coffees are pretty good, too. However, the main attraction for me is the fantastic service (they actually go out of their way to learn your name) and the excellent Sandwiches, Panini’s and Soups. Bumpy’s is a great place to stop for lunch while in downtown Calgary.

Kawa Espresso Bar 101 1333 8 Street SW

Pronounced Ka’va (Polish for ‘coffee’), this trendy little place has an ultra modern feel, friendly owners, and seems intent on carrying on the tradition of gourmet coffee that they first started with their flagship cafe Java Jamboree in Cochrane. The Espresso is fantastic, and comes with pretty designs on the top of the foam. I came for the coffee, but I stayed for the breakfast menu. If you need a place to have a quick but delicious breakfast on your way to work in the downtown core, look no further.

The Roasterie 314 10 St NW

As you might guess from its name, The Roasterie in Kensington does its own coffee bean roasting. You can always tell when they’re doing it, because the entire neighborhood becomes saturated with the smell of freshly roasted coffee beans. While you can order just a regular cup of coffee, The Roasterie also gives you the option of picking your very own bag of freshly roasted coffee beans. They can even do the roasting right in front of you, guaranteeing that you get the freshest possible coffee. All this, coupled with excellent and knowledgeable service, has elevated this little cafe to near God-like status amongst the coffee elite in the city. The only downside is that all that roasting equipment takes up a lot of space, and it’s not the greatest cafe to go and relax in. However, to get your own coffee or to pick up a cup on the run, this is definitely the place to go.

DeVille Luxury Coffee & Pastries at Art Central 205-100 7 Avenue Sw

There are two things they take seriously here, Art and Coffee. The environment is a somewhat eclectic collection of contemporary art pieces, post modernism evident in the design, and stylish ultra-modern furniture. The coffee is produced from a selection of the finest beans from around the world. They really do pay a lot of attention to what goes into their drinks; even the water is processed through a ‘reverse osmosis re-mineralized water filtration system’. This apparently makes it taste better and, I have to admit, the coffee here does taste great. There’s a palpable focus on presentation that makes the whole experience very uplifting. Also, the galleries and shops in the Art Central building make for some great browsing while you drink your coffee.

The Planet 2312 4 Street SW

The Planet is a bit strange. They don’t have that much in the way of decor, but they can make some very impressive coffee. It’s also worth mentioning that this is the first cafe I’ve been to where I’ve seen people actually playing chess. I always see the tables that have the chess boards incorporated into their tops, but this is the first time I’ve seen someone use them. Anyways, in comparison to some of the other cafes on this list The Planet may seem a bit drab, but the service here is top-notch. Not only did they learn my name, and my favorite drink, within three visits but they have demonstrated that they can consistently produce a cappuccino drier than the Sahara desert. They take personalized service very seriously here, and it makes it very gratifying to be a patron.
So far these five are my favorites, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t more, better ones out there. I’m always on the lookout for new, delicious coffee. If anyone out there has some suggestions, let me know. Even better, bring me coffee. You can find me most days here, and I take cream, but no sugar please.

How Buzz Scores Work – Dominate The Game With Tips On Cafe World

One of the best tips on Cafe World is knowing that dominating the game relies heavily upon on your restaurant’s buzz score. This is, of course, acquired during game play.

The higher the buzz score of your cafe, the more individuals will visit your cafe. This definitely will turn up the temperature of your income possibilities. Your buzz rating is very dependent on your customer’s experience at your cafe.

This is crucial to your success, because if a diner has a very good dining experience, your buzz score will increase. Unfortunately though, if a single one of your diners has a poor experience, which can happen, your buzz rating will go lower. Great customer experiences are acknowledged by only one thing; if a customer pays for their order. If they pay, it indicates that they have had a very good experience. This results in your buzz ranking going up by 0.1.

Poor customer experiences, on the other hand, can happen for numerous reasons and all produce a lowering of your buzz rating. If a customer strolls into your restaurant and has to wait around for a chair they will go away. This will trigger your cafe to drop some of it’s buzz rating. If a customer takes a chair and has to wait around too long to be offered service, they will be acquiring a negative experience and the result will be you getting a reduced buzz score for your cafe.

Your buzz rating sits at the upper right-hand part of the display screen, and is a gauge of your cafe’s popularity. Your buzz will only actually improve by 0.1 each time and has absolutely nothing to do with what plate got dished up. If you are capable of keeping your clients happy, your buzz ranking will increase and your eating place will be bombarded with famished customers – and that’s great for your cafe!

Keep in mind as you play that your game success depends on excellent buzz rankings. Knowing such tips on Cafe World such as this will assist you in adjusting your online game tactics and will drive your cafe to Cafe-World supremacy!

How To Set Up Your Own Internet Cafe – Part 1

Did you think putting up an Internet Cafe was difficult? Well, here are my personal tips on doing so.

Firstly, Location. It is imperative that you decide on a strategic location for your Internet Cafe. I recommend an area where a sizable crowd pass by on a regular basis; close to a school or a heavily populated residential area is best. As a pro gamer, I would like to find my preferred cafe close to a school exit so finding it will be easy. Placing it close to some eateries or “carinderia” is helpful (discard this if you plan to serve “real” food to your clients, see bottom for further details). Most pro gamers would want to eat at a place just outside or near their Internet Cafe.

Next, make up your mind as to how many computers you want. My guess would be around 15-20 for beginners. You might also want to put in fewer weighing in your cafe’s space and starting capital. More personal computers may translate to higher income; which can be assured if are the only café owner in a residential/commercial area for a few blocks.

Computer Specifications. Being a gamer myself, I would like to play without the annoyances of lag or slow start up. Every second matters when you play MMORPG’s, especially during guild wars or other vital regular events. I would recommend on going for the most recent specs, to give you an advantage on other internet cafes. High-quality specifications allow you a bit of breathing phase before you would need the next upgrade. Owning a technology receptive business means that in the succeeding months, a brand new hardware would be released to make yours the not-so-new in the line. So, investing on those well performing hardware are really a gain.

On the other hand, if you intend on renting your computers to a market made up of students who only want to type their projects, work on the internet, and the like, you can go for basic hardware.

Please remember that the key in this sort of business is decent service. You must have your clients keep returning for more. Maintain your computers by keeping them up to date with first-class computer specs. At present, having a dual core processor is ideal. Along with respectable RAM (1Gb to 2Gb is best), and a high performance video card of 256Mb-512Mb will make a good rentable computer. You could do without an optical drive and a floppy disc drive (which already appear to be outdated with the launching of USB mass storage devices). You can have a CD/DVD writer combo on the server so CD’s can be regulated and monitored before they are used. In addition, you can also add cd/dvd-burning to your list of services.

Next in line are good cafe softwares. You can choose free cafe management software like HandyCafe. They permit the administrator to take control of the internet cafe via functions only available to the server. You can limit the rental time for each client and regulate the bandwidth when heavy downloading affects the entire network. Cafe management softwares often have billing functions that automatically calculate what you should charge your customers. This is a nice feature to use particularly if you want to manage the cafe by yourself.

Food. Most gamers spend less time eating whenever they go online. It is difficult to break the concentration of a playing pro gamer. However, they are people, and people do eat. Whenever they feel the urge to revitalize, you can offer them quick preparation food like instant noodles. But, if you wish to enhance your Internet Café’s income scheme, you can offer “real” food to your customers. This would mean that they won’t have to go look for a restaurant and leave your cafe, thus remain in it while on their favorite games.

Comfortable chairs. I, for one, spend most of my time in from of my laptop or PC. I want to feel snug and comfy in my seat. Long hours in an uncomfortable chair can be exhausting. Consequently, I believe it vital that next to good service, customer comfort ought to be taken into account.

Games and Wordprocessors. After you have everything ready, you can ask your technician, or if you are capable yourself, install all the games and word processing applications on the computers. You opt for OpenOffice applications in place of Microsoft Office if you have a strict budget. Purchasing the licenses for these applications can be very pricey, particularly their operating systems.

I hope you find my guide to putting up your own Internet Cafe useful.