Budget Promotion For Your Cafe

Promoting your cafe can be a frustrating time for any business owner. Without spending a fortune on advertising and media, use these tips to help you with your shop. The best way to promote your cafe after it has just opened, is to simply offer free coffee.

Since your machines are getting run in, it is a good way to promote the coffee from your supplier, and also to give your machines a good run through the steps. Your new staff will also be under less pressure as your are yet to charge your customers, and will allow them to train properly to perfect your technique. Remember, the most important factor for your cafe, is obviously, the coffee. Without good coffee, no other feature can attract customers to your venue.

Send out fliers around the neighborhood. Word of mouth is very important. Customers who regularly visit cafes can be easily swayed to come to your cafe. Make sure the ambiance is correct, there is minimal noise so they can enjoy their book or have a chat without any disturbances. Offer a frequent flier discount card, not just for free coffee but also for other products which you may be promoting. Ask your suppliers and vendors if they have anything they can provide for free, for customers to try.

Other than offering free products, there is a sure easy way to get people into your cafe. Setup free wireless internet and you will always have free traffic in your shop. As potential customers pass by, they will see how busy it is your cafe, and they will be drawn inside your shop. No one likes to enter an empty shop, even if it is decorated with nice warm colors. Unlimited internet is cheap, and will keep the people in your cafe as a guaranteed traffic.

For days that are quiet, you can offer your cafe as a venue for societies that require a place, such as poetry nights or live music venues. It is a win situation for both parties, as they get a cheap place to hire, and you get more traffic. Think of other services that your customers may be using. Services such a dry cleaning, or other the grocery shop down the road. Create a link partnership with those business, as chances are their customers will also be looking for a good coffee.

Remember, it is always better to offer a free item, rather than reduce your prices. A reduction of price is seen as a cafe owner admitting their product is inferior. Where as a free item is seen by the customer as purely a promotion for a limited time. Do not get into a pricing war with your competitors. There are many ways as mentioned above to attract more consumers to your place.