Cafe World Cafe Points – How to Score More

Although the game of running a cafe is great fun and lets one use his or her creative energies towards realizing their dream or at least try it out, at the end of the day it is still a game and scoring points is a priority. Some have lot of time to strategize and pick points while others who play in small periods should learn some important methods to make the best of their time and get as many points as possible. Cafe World cafe points don’t come very easy if one doesn’t strategize well. But at the same times it is not very hard either.

One of the easiest ways to rake up many points is by cooking bacon cheese burgers. It is true that they have to be served as fast as they are cooked but the return of points for every five minutes spent is great. Leveling up could be achieved by making dishes that take a lot of time, and valuable experience points could be gained, but lot of time is spent in between the dishes. One could use this as a strategy if they cannot focus on the game for long and have work to concentrate on, on and off in the game. So timing the dishes could help one make lot of points without dedicating too much time to the game itself.

Although experience points are there to be gained, one must think of cooking dishes that suit their schedule. Then whether the dish takes long or short, which dish to prepare, could be nicely combined with intervals to make lot of points. Cafe world Cafe points are hence derivative of the dishes, the time taken and the pace at which one could serve them. Serving many dishes and giving beverages to customers could earn valuable coins which is important too. The points are very important to advance further in the game. There are as many as 75 levels some needing more than a lac points to be accumulated before one can move on.

Cafe world Cafe points fuel the ambition of Cafe owners. More points mean more employees, having more stoves which again results in enhanced ability to serve the customers. So it is an exponential way of gaining points. More points also mean more gifts and offers. Points could be earned by preparing the dishes and cleaning up after the dish has been served, cleaning the stove or even helping the neighbors by tasting their dishes and providing opinion.

The points come along more easily as one advances in the game and has more resources in their service. One cannot lose the points so the game could only proceed in one direction. Gaining points improves the potential to unlock and experiment with dishes thus improving the score further. Expansion is after all the primary aim of a Cafe owner. The more Cafe related activities that are accomplished, the more are the Cafe world Cafe points one makes and moves on to the next levels.