How Any Beginner at Cafe World Can Make Leveling Up Their Cafe Much Easier and Make More Coins

Are you hooked on Cafe World? It is easy to understand why someone might find themselves playing the game daily. Cafe World is a great game but if you aren’t online much it can be extremely difficult to level up your cafe. Are you looking for ways to make the most of the time you have available to speed up how long it takes to level up your cafe? Power leveling in the game requires that you understand your schedule and know how to use this to your advantage. There are certain types of menu items that should only be cooked depending on how much time you have available to play the game. Knowing this will make leveling your cafe much, much easier to do.

How often can you log into your cafe? Is it just once a day or more? Different items require different lengths of time to cook. If you aren’t able to play often due to job or other real life requirements, then you should not be cooking bacon or cheeseburgers. These two can be ready in as little as five minutes, but if you aren’t online to serve them they will just spoil. Just what should a part-time player cook then? If you are only able to log on once a day or so, then you should be cooking stews or pot roast. These two take a full 24 hours to cook and will give you ample time to cook and serve them before they spoil.

Another great way to get more coins for people who can’t play much is to help out your friends. Check out the list of cafes in your area and help them out. There is a limit of 20 visits per day, but each visit will generate 20 coins. That’s an easy 400 coins you can quickly generate in no time. What you do with this money is up to you, but more coins are definitely handy in running a good cafe.

Another good tip to speed up your leveling is to make sure you have a good cafe layout. What makes a good layout? You should design your cafe so that servers can easily navigate their way around your cafe and deliver their food quickly. Doing this has a twofold effect. Your servers are happy and can work quickly and efficiently. Your customers also have a great cafe experience. They experience lower wait times for their meals to be delivered and will be impressed with your service.