Six Best Accessories for Your New Truck

When you are looking for and have found the perfect truck for you, the next step is to find the best accessories for that truck. Some of these accessories are just there to make your truck seem better looking or better smelling. Others will allow for you to trick out the truck so that it can do a better job of helping you go about your day.

Bed covers

If you are going to carry things to and fro in your new truck, you might want to go with something like a tonneau cover in order to make sure the things you are carrying are not going to be flying out the back of the truck. These covers come in all different kinds of styles. You can have flip down covers, or foldable covers. There are also different materials depending on what you are looking for and what will best match your truck.

Antigravity battery

No, the antigravity battery is not actually something that will allow your truck to float. What it will do is give you a utility pack that will allow you to jump start your truck. It also comes with USB cables. It even comes with a laptop cable if you need to charge that on the fly.

Blind spot mirrors

If you are feeling as though you aren’t seeing everything on the road, you can get these blind spot mirrors and outfit your truck so that you can see everything that is coming up from behind you.

Fix a flat spray

You might have heard of this before. If your tire is going flat, or has a small hole, this spray will go directly into your tire, give it a bit of air and use a kind of chemical to patch the small hole until you can get to a tire shop.

Wondergel seat cushion

If you are driving your truck long distances, then you might want to get a new seat cushion. The wondergel cushion will make your ride that much more comfortable.

Garbage containers

If your truck tends to get quite messy over the months of driving to and fro, you might want to get a garbage container for your truck. These usually fold up and be stored easily when they aren’t being filled. When they are being used they will be an easy place to throw trash so that the trash isn’t just being dumped on the floor of your truck cab.

All of these accessories together, or just one or two is going make your truck that much more fun to drive and be in. You’ll also have peace of mind that if you are out and about, you are well outfitted if something goes wrong and you need to get yourself to help. These bits and pieces will make you love your new truck even more because you don’t need to worry as much about upkeep or in some cases, cleaning nearly as much.


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