5 Tricks to Make Old Carpet Look New Again

A carpet is an important part of any home, especially if it’s been with the family for years. Unfortunately, carpets also tend to get high foot traffic, exposure to dirt and dust and are easily faded by sunlight exposure through the year. When a carpet starts to show the signs of age, there are a number of things an owner can do to spruce up its appearance. Here are a few tips to have your carpet looking young and fresh once more.

1. Do a Thorough Home Cleaning

The first step to keeping a healthy carpet is to clean it often, and correctly. First, make sure you’re cleaning your carpet in a way that isn’t pushing dirt further down or causing damage to its fibers. Vacuum your carpet at least twice a week, and make sure the vacuum is set at the appropriate height and speed. Anything too high or harsh could have the adverse effect of setting dirt deeper into the carpet. Another tip before vacuuming is to always check the level of the vacuum bag. If it’s too full, this could reduce the strength of the vacuum’s suction capabilities, forcing you to work harder and putting undue strain on your carpet.

2. Keep Re-Positioning

Over time, a carpet will start to show signs of wear simply from being exposed to heat, brightness, and direct sunlight. To make sure your carpet doesn’t start fading unevenly, try to keep rotating its position so that each spot receives equal shade and equal care. Also, pay attention to the areas of the carpet that get the most foot traffic and try to clean those areas more frequently. If you notice stubborn stains or burn marks that can’t be remedied, shift the carpet so that these areas will at least be covered.

3. Do a Professional Deep Clean

For a long lasting carpet, it pays to use professionals at least a few times a year. Many stains that occur over time are simply too stubborn for a non-professional to get out on their own, and the damage that accumulates over time can best be alleviated by the work of trained experts in carpet cleaning. If you’re using a local service, like carpet cleaning from Curtice Chem-Dry, be sure to specify any sensitivities your carpet might have before bringing it in to be cleaned.

4. Draw Out Odors

Some stains come with unpleasant odors that can spread through the entire carpet, creating a musty, unpleasant scent that begins to permeate the whole room. To avoid this, try to catch stains right at the start. Pre-treat them by dabbing them with club soda, and use a stronger carpet cleaner to set the stain before it has the chance to spread and bring an unpleasant odor along with it.

5. Go DIY

There are many great preventative tricks you can do with items laying around the house, like white vinegar, baking soda, and seltzer or club soda. When a stain first appears, try sprinkling the area with baking soda and dabbing with white vinegar afterward. For something stronger, try using a green cleaner.

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