Best Remarketing Ad Strategies You Should Follow

Remarketing Ads lets advertisers fine-tune consumer targeting, as it focuses on those consumers who have already visited the site, either through a browser or through a mobile app, with the help of Google search network and Google Display Network (GDN). GDN is a channel that links almost 2 million sites, creating a parallel medium along with Google search engine and search partners to reach over 90 percent of the internet users.

Based on the strategy, remarketing may include still images, animation, videos, and responsive ads, along with standard text ads, which are channeled through different Google mediums. Targeting differentiates remarketing ad services from a typical display and search advertising. The cutting-edge advertisement approach involves a use of an array of tracking code that embeds cookies on the browser of the users, and display ads using the cookie. Of all available channels, remarketing is the most accurate way to reconnect with the consumers by displaying relevant ads on a number of devices.

There are a multitude ways to optimize and make the most of remarketing ads, and here I discuss the best remarketing ad strategies that every advertiser should know and follow.

Do not treat all visitors equally

  • Treating and displaying same ads to all visitors is considered a bad tactic, and it often leads to poor results. Therefore, one must segment visitors into groups based on the respective behavior, such as time spent on the site and the number of pages viewed. The segmentation helps to determine remarketing tactic. For each group, one should carve different call to actions Ads to make the most the remarketing ad services. Monitoring the conversion rates is the key, which further helps to develop workflow segments that guide the prospects to the site.

Do not tag all website pages

  • For a remarketing campaign to be successful, it is important to determine the landing pages that need to be tagged. This remains true for all remarketing resources, be it an AdWords remarketing code or Google Analytics remarketing code. The decision to tag landing pages with codes should be solely determined by the objective of a campaign. Typically, tagging the top selling product pages and lead generation pages brings positive results.

Create ads of different size and shape for different network

  • Since a number of design philosophies are employed to design modern web pages, and each remarketing network supports a limited type of Ads, it is necessary to develop a cache of ads with variable size, ranging from 330 x250 to 160 x 600px, and shape, including square, wide rectangle, and tall rectangle. The array of Ads ensures ad remains compatible across Google Ad network. For the best call of action remarketing ads, it is recommended to contact whiteĀ label PPC agency, as they employ designers and PPC specialists.

Optimize around shopping cart abandons

  • Optimizing the traffic from abandoned shopping carts and lead generating pages can help you increase the conversion rate. Readjusting bidding tactic on the lines of the behavior, which includes spending more on the visitors who have abandoned carts and visited the lead generating pages, is a great way to increase conversion.

Do not bid more on early stage visitors

  • If a visitor is on a non-conversion page, such as homepage, exposing them with ads mostly fail to bring any result, as many of them belong to a non-sale funnel. Instead of targeting them ads, use a soft call to actions, such as e-book download, blogs and information page.

Coupons and discounts

  • Users who have browsed through a particular page are more likely to be interested in a product, and therefore, one should target those visitors by offering coupons and discounts. With the use of remarketing ads, one can target users almost anywhere on the internet. However, the call of action ad should relay message clearly.

The above-mentioned strategies have proven their worth for a number of businesses and clients; however, employing them without giving much of thought may not bring desirable results. There are no definite strategies for all remarketing needs, one learns over time with experience. If you are not sure remarketing, better contact a white label remarketing agency that can help increase conversions.

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