Breast Augmentation Procedures For Women

Rounded, perky and a plump pair of breasts are every women’s need and desire. It is an integral part of a sensuous body figure. A perfect pair can boost up your confidence levels and you can actively participate in social affairs. At the same time drooping, disproportionate and small breasts can damage your morale and negatively impact your social as well as intimate life.

Even for women who have a perfect natural pair of breasts, there are some factors that can adversely affect your breasts. For example pregnancy can leave you with loose, sagging breasts. Similarly aging can also have negative effect on them.

Fortunately there are plenty of procedures available that can give you the ideal breasts that you desire for. Silicone, saline, gummy bear are some primary breast implants available. You can choose the size you need. One cup size is around 150-200 cubic centimeters (cc). You can choose considerably big implants but it is recommended that you choose a moderate size in order to avoid complications after the surgical process.

Women who undergo breast implants sometimes have to suffer from various complexities such as rupture or leakage and tearing of body tissues that hold the implant from downward position. That’s why you need to choose the best surgeon.

Women living in Orange County has an ideal opportunity to get their desired breast augmentation as well as breast revision procedures to rid of complexities in implants. For more info please click here:

Dr. Farbod Esmailian offers a diverse range of procedures to make your breasts look perfect. Women, who have perfect natural breasts, suffer loss of natural shape and perkiness due to pregnancy and aging. Variation in your weight causes your breasts to lose firmness. Then comes gravity that pulls the breasts and make them look longer. Breast lift surgery is performed to restore your breasts to a firmer position, and makes them round. Inverted nipples are also restored.

Capsular contracture makes your implants look like a solid rock present inside your breasts. It makes breasts look and feel unnatural. Another problem after implants is known as Symmastia. The condition is also known as uniboob. It makes your breasts look fused into each other. A rupture in your implants can result in an undesirable saggy appearance and it needs proper revision. Another problem occurs when the tissue that holds the implant from beneath gives away. It causes the implant to drift downwards. For all these issues, Dr. Esmailian offers breast revision surgeries.

Gummy bear breast implants are the latest development in the breast augmentation surgery.  Dr. Farbod Esmailian proudly offers this in Orange County. If these implants are ruptured or even cut in half, the liquid inside them don’t leak out. They are also dubbed as form-stable cohesive gel implants.

Another latest implant known as IDEAL Implants are also available. These implants are created such as to look like silicone-filled implants but they are actually filled with saline. These are for people who don’t desire to have a silicone-filled implant.

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