Good news for iPhone Users: Apple to Offer $29 Battery Replacements for a Year to Compensate for the Slowdown

One of the most elite tech brand, Apple, not only recently apologized to its customers for the misunderstanding over the old iPhones being slowed down, but will also provide the compensation for the degrading batteries. In a published letter, the American company said, “We know that some of you feel Apple has let you down… We apologize.”

Reddit users had observed that Apple has been slowing down old iPhones having the batteries with low capacity. As per the Geekbench developer, John Poole, iOS 11.2.0 introduced throttling for iPhone 7 units with older batteries. The news was that the company was intentionally slowing down old iPhones. The company responded by saying that they aim to deliver the best experience to the customers and provide a product with prolonged life. The company further said that after some years the Lithium-ion batteries become less capable of supplying peak demands due to extreme cold or hot weather, and hence to protect itself, the device shuts down. The company has negated all the denunciations and said that the Apple is not slowing down older iPhones so that people upgrade to newer phones.

It was not long ago when the first iPhone was launched; Apple had said most of the iPhone users would never need to replace their batteries. Apple has confirmed that since the batteries are “consumable components,” they are providing the users of iPhone 6 or later, a battery replacement for $29, which is at a discount of $50 from the regular cost. They will start the same at the end of January till December 2018. We may also expect some new features to get added to iOS which will give us some more details about the condition of the battery early this year. This way the users will get information on when their batteries are not in the position to support the best performance.

The users of the iPhone 6, 6S, SE, and 7 have observed that their phone provides slower peak performance as they age with time and the batteries loose power.

The phones with aging batteries lead to the dimming of the phone screen along with affecting the speaker volumes. Also, the camera flashes get disabled with low battery power. The operating system requires more power, which the aging battery fails to offer. Some features that remain unaffected are cell radio, GPS, and the quality of the camera.

Apple has been a trusted brand for years. Now, when the controversy is hovering around the company, Apple has to rebuild its trust with its customers. This story has been doing rounds on print media, TV channels, and other news journals. While there are many people who believe that Apple has intentionally slowed down their iPhones to drive new sales, the others continue to believe what the company has to say.

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