No one likes to iron clothes. It seems to be one of the most boring tasks to all. There are ways in which you can turn ironing task to a happy to do thing. By using the right ironing station this chore can be made easier and pleasant. There are many benefits of using an ironing station. Board never gets in way of other things placed in the laundry room. It gives you a specific workspace where you can iron clothes. By designating a space as ironing station, you get rid of making place here and there for ironing needs. It will also help you avoiding the need to search iron here and there as iron will be placed near ironing station. Choice for using an ironing station comes from using either freestanding ironing station or a mounted station.


Main advantage of using wall mounted ironing stations is the space available underneath. Such an ironing station is helpful in ironing of difficult stuff like pants and dresses much easily. It permits sliding of clothes further to the station. Mounted ironing stations are of 2 types surface and recessed mounted. Surface mounted ironing stations fold-up against mounting platform. Recessed stations hide completely and are never in the way when they are stored.


These are stylish options. Cabinet doors & interiors can be made available in surfaces like that of pine or oak. It can be built with storage for iron and its supplies. These boards however need much modification of existing wall. In case you are not in favor of such extensive modification or laundry room lacks traditional walls, you should go for a surface mounted ironing station.


These fold up like that of recessed boards but their installation is far easily than recessed ones. For this purpose hinge unit and mounting plate are attached to the wall studs & masonry walls simply. This type of the ironing station needs creation of separate space for ironing supplies and iron. Shelf over board unit makes the right solution for this purpose.

Freestanding ironing stations

Freestanding stations are the least expensive and simplest ironing stations. Majority of these boards can be adjusted for different height. Length is also adjustable and can be as per one`s choice. This freestanding ironing station can be stored on the hanging organizer including hooks to hold up board & bin/shelf for iron and its supplies. Such an organizer for iron and its supplies is attached with wall. It can also be hung from sides of the tall cabinet or shelving unit. If there is no space on the wall for this type of station, a station hanger can be separately purchased to mount on door`s back.


If you are designing home and planning to remodel it but have less space, you can get help from for installing wall mounted or built-in ironing station. Ironing stations created by them frees up the space and are easy to use as well. So in order to get the right ironing station designed for your home, consult Iron-A-way today.


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