The Importance of Popularity Rating in Cafe World

Every time you prepare a dish in Cafe World, your main objective should be to make the customers who purchase it satisfied and happy. This is how you can keep your Cafe ratings high. Higher buzz ratings mean more customers, more experience points, and more cafe coins to spend. You should know how to maintain your high buzz ratings to reap these rewards as you go play Cafe World and level up.

All you do in your cafe should be focused on customer service and customer happiness. For you to make that easily, there are different things and tips to take note of for your cafe as you play and go forward.

Prioritize Service

The objective of Cafe World is to cook dishes and serve them to your customers. If you do not exert effort to do this, you are just wasting your time. You should not spend too much coins and time on decorating your cafe. Only make minor changes to your cafe if it is required to get more customers coming to your cafe – besides that, just pass up and save your coins. The new tables and decorations may look really enticing but if it will cause your rating score to go down by five points, it is no good.

Increasing your Buzz Rating

The number of thumbs up you receive, also known as buzz rating, can be seen on the top right corner of your Cafe World screen. It is a significantly important factor to any restaurant. If that number goes down, it means that your customers are not happy with your service. If it goes up, then everything is in place and you have done something right. There are times that your buzz rating goes up as you increase your level – do not worry about this. You just have to make sure that your rating will never go down without any reason at all. Keep your buzz rating going up as you level up throughout the game. This will help you increase your coins and experience points.

Serving Food

You want to make sure that your customers will get their food as soon as possible. This is why you have to ensure that your cafe is ready for the customers by the time you have logged on to the game. If you have cooked a dish that takes twelve hours to be ready, go on line within thirteen hours so that you can remove the food from the stove and serve these hot off the stove dishes to your hungry customers. Moreover, you should increase the speed of your serving time. Try putting serving tables next to your customers’ tables and employ as much servers as possible. The better your serving process is, the happier your customers will be with the kind of customer service you are giving them.

The main goal of Cafe World is to make and keep your customers happy. If you are able to do that, you are sure to succeed in creating a successful cafe that anybody would love to visit. Make sure that you have fun while you play.